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Stephen Colbert Hires Himself As Apple's 'Intergalactic Chancellor' By Clip Syndicate Forget hosting The Late Show, Stephen Colbert just lined up the gig of a lifetime: Intergalactic Chancellor of Apple. Well, his exact title is still a work in progress, if Thursday's iPad event is any evidence. In a very dad-like phone call, Apple's senior VP of software design Craig Federighi explained to Colbert how the comedian would help the tech company "triple-down" on secrecy, something much needed after Wednesday's iPad leak. ...Read More »
Apple Unveils The IPad Air 2 By Clip Syndicate Apple has revealed the latest version of the iPad , called the iPad Air 2. And this time it's even thinner. The new iPad is just 6-point-1 millimeters thick, or zero point two-4ths of an inch. That's 18 percent thinner than the first iPad Air, which was 7-point-7 millimeters. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the 9-point-7-inch screen of the iPad Air 2 has the lowest reflectivity of any tablet, reducing glare by up to 56 percent. ...Read More »
The New IPad Mini 3 Gets A Speed Boost And Touch ID By Clip Syndicate This year’s small form-factor tablet from Apple is called the iPad mini 3, dropping the distinction between the original iPad mini and last year’s mini with Retina. It’s got the same A8 system-on-a-chip as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as opposed to the beefier A8X in the new iPad Air 2. Like it’s bigger sibling, the iPad mini 3 receives Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner and will come with iOS 8.1, meaning you’ll be able to use it with Apple Pay for online purchases. ...Read More »
Investors Yawn As New IPads Fail To Impress By Clip Syndicate After Apple’s underwhelming new iPad introductions today, sales of the devices are unlikely to rebound much from their recent slump. But that may be just fine for Apple and its shareholders, as many customers are shifting their attention – and dollars -- to higher-priced phones and computers. Apple introduced two new iPads and a new iMac at the event held at its Cupertino headquarters. A slimmer iPad Air 2 upgrades last year’s iPad Air with better cameras, faster processors and .... ...Read More »
Apple's IPad Event Was The Epitome Of All Dad Jokes By Clip Syndicate There are dad jokes, and then there are Apple jokes. Apple's iDad iPad event was full of updates and exciting news about the device's new and improved design. It was also a great opportunity for the company's senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi to test out his comedy routine. With so many puns and cheesy lines about Klingon keyboards and security leaks, nobody makes a dad joke like Apple.

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Apple Announces Too Many IPads By Clip Syndicate If you’re in the market to buy a new iPad, your choices just became dizzying. As expected, Apple announced new iPads this morning at its news conference in Cupertino, but it didn’t retire some of its older products to make way for the additions. ...Read More »
Apple's New IPads Emerge Amid Tablet Sales Slump By Clip Syndicate Apple is expected to release its next generation of thinner, faster iPads later today, but analysts and investors aren’t very excited about the new models. That’s because the tablets don’t have any earth-shattering new features that would cause enough owners of prior models to upgrade. And after the rapid growth of the early year, there are many fewer households that don’t own a tablet but still plan to purchase one. Apple is holding a press event at 1 p.m. Eastern Time to unveil its new products.

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Here’s How To Watch Apple’s 2014 IPad Announcement Live By Clip Syndicate Apple is expected to host a live stream today when it is expected to announce the latest version of the iPad, among other new products. Alternatively, AppleTV users can click into the special “Apple Events” channel that popped up on screen right after midnight this morning. Earlier this week, images of a new iPad was leaked fueling speculation of a new version of the tablet.

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Facebook’s New “Safety Check” Feature Lets You Tell Friends And Family You’re Okay After A Major Disaster By Clip Syndicate With over 1.3 billion users connected to its network on a monthly basis, Facebook is able to leverage its massive scale for good. It’s put those capabilities to use in the past to encourage users to vote or register to be an organ donor, but today the company announced something applicable to an even broader audience: Safety Check, a new feature that lets you tell your family and friends that you’re safe in the wake of a natural disaster or other crisis. ...Read More »
Apple Store Goes Down In Advance Of IPad Event By Clip Syndicate Apple's online store is now offline. The company took down its online retail store at around 5:30 a.m. PT on Thursday as it gets set for a launch event in which it's likely to unveil new iPads, updated Macs, and perhaps a few surprises. Apple is also expected to officially unveil its next operating system -- OS X Yosemite. The event itself kicks off at 10 a.m. PT. New iPads will likely be the star of the show. However, many users already got an advanced and accidental peek at Apple's new tablets. On Wednesday, the company inadvertantly posted screenshots of its upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in an official user guide to Apple's iOS 8 operating system for iBooks in the iTunes Store.

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