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China's Xiaomi to Start Small in U.S., With Earphones and Bands By Clip Syndicate Xiaomi, China's largest smartphone company, will begin selling headphones, smart wristbands and other accessories online in the United States in coming months, taking its first tentative step onto Apple Inc's home turf without its signature Mi mobile devices. The company also said it is close to securing a manufacturing partner in Brazil, which will help it skirt punishing tariffs on imported electronics when it begins sales in Latin America's largest economy in the first half of this year. ...Read More »
So iPhone 6 Hairgate is Actually a Thing — at Least in Canada By Clip Syndicate The iPhone 6 had just come out and a rash of alleged issues with the smartphone started to hit the web. The silliest of these "issues" was Hairgate. It's when the seams of the iPhone 6 get caught in a person's facial hair, causing it to be pulled painfully from his face. Tests were done, and aside from the length of facial hair, the only common denominator was that all the iPhone 6 devices were purchased in Canada. Same phone, purchased at about the same time — only in America instead of Canada. ...Read More »
US Carriers, You'll Have to Unlock Those Phones By Clip Syndicate The days of carriers locking down devices to keep customers in place are officially dead. Starting Wednesday, all US carriers must comply with requests from postpaid and prepaid customers to unlock their devices, as long as certain parameters are met. The rules officially came down in 2013, and the industry group CTIA committed last year to have all wireless carriers adhering to the regulation by February 11, 2015. The debate over phone unlocking has come a long way in just a few short years. Unlocking a phone allows owners to put the device on whatever carrier network they choose. For years, carriers have locked down devices, allowing them only to connect to their own networks. The move was designed to keep customers close and not see them stray to other carriers.

 ...Read More »
Bruce Jenner Talks On Phone While Driving Days After Fatal Crash By Clip Syndicate We spotted Bruce Jenner talking on his cell phone while driving a rental car just days after causing a fatal car accident. Bruce has reportedly turned in his cell phone records to prove he wasn't texting when the crash occurred. ...Read More »
The smartphone "kill switch" is deterring theft By Clip Syndicate Over and over again, thieves violently attack people for their smartphones, but that's changing. ...Read More »
Tech Talk: Children getting smartphones By Clip Syndicate Amanda Ace gives some tips on getting a smartphone for your children. ...Read More »
Samsung Display to Invest $3.6 Billion in New OLED Production Line By Clip Syndicate Samsung Display, a subsidiary of South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, said on Wednesday it will invest $3.6 billion in a new organic light-emitting diode--or OLED--display panel production line in South Korea. A Samsung Display spokesman told Reuters that the investment will be made from 2015 to 2017 and that the production line will make medium and small-sized OLED displays for consumer electronics devices like smartphones. ...Read More »
BlackBerry Names New Chief Security Officer By Clip Syndicate BlackBerry has named David Kleidermacher as its chief security officer on Tuesday, moving to further boost the smartphone maker's credentials with security-conscious clients, including big players in the defense, automotive and healthcare sectors. Kleidermacher was previously chief technology officer at embedded software maker Green Hills Software, where he spent more than two decades. At Blackberry, he replaces Scott Totzke, who left the company last summer. ...Read More »
Bruce Jenner -- I'm Giving Phone Records to Cops to Prove I Wasn't Texting By Clip Syndicate Bruce Jenner has volunteered all of his cell phone info to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. to prove he was not texting at the time of Saturday's fatal car crash. Even though it now appears the Prius in front made a sudden stop causing the Lexus to crash into it and Bruce then hit the Lexus ... law enforcement says Bruce should have been further behind the Lexus, especially since he was pulling a trailer.

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Libyan Army Says Has Retaken Main Camp in Benghazi By Clip Syndicate Libyan special forces said on Monday they had retaken the main military base in Benghazi from Islamist fighters that they have been battling since October, part of a wider struggle four years after the ousting of autocrat Muammar Gaddafi. Special forces commander Wanis Bukhamada told Reuters by telephone that his troops had seized the army camp, on a road to the airport outside Libya's second biggest city, as well as nearby offices belonging to state cellphone operator al-Madar. ...Read More »

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