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The IPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) Go To Disneyland By Clip Syndicate Last week I decided to test the most secretive, hotly anticipated smartphones on earth in a place where there was no danger of them being recognized or damaged or both: Disneyland. There are a ton of reviews out there that have done meticulous work with benchmark apps, rulers and rectal thermometers to get you spec-based evaluations of the new iPhones. This is not one of them. I took a trip and used the junk out of them. I had some interesting realizations, I took some good pictures and I wasted some time in long lines playing Spider-Man. If this sounds like what you do on trips then you could find something useful here. Aside from any Apple employees who may have visited the park, I believe I’m the first to have ever used the new iPhones there.

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Apple Patents A Strange Physics-Based GUI For IPad File And Folder Manipulation By Clip Syndicate Apple had an interesting patent granted to it today by the USPTO, which describes a graphic user interface on the iPad that more closely resembles a desktop arrangement of files and folders than the current app-based iOS UX. ...Read More »
Google Unveils 3 Budget Smartphones For Android One By Clip Syndicate Google announced the first three smartphones that will be part of Android One, the company's initiative to bring affordable Android smartphones to developing markets. Each of the three devices, manufactured by Micromax, Spice and Karbonn, has a 4.5-inch display and will first ship in India. There are more than 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide, but a huge opportunity still exists for companies like Google to grab the attention of the 5 billion people without mobile devices. ...Read More »
Qualcomm: Snapdragon Makes For More Secure Smartphone Kill Switch By Clip Syndicate Qualcomm says that its Snapdragon processors could be used to power up more secure, final ways of rendering smartphones useless if stolen. The chipmaker says its Snapdragon processors are an important element to creating secure methods of rendering mobile devices bricks if stolen. With kill switch technology installed, a stolen cell phone would be a dead cell phone. ...Read More »
Android One: Google's Push To Rule The Smartphone World By Clip Syndicate Google just took an important step toward cementing its dominance over the world with its Android mobile operating system. In the wee hours of the morning on Monday, almost 8,000 miles away from its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Google launched its Android One initiative in New Delhi, India. The project, originally announced at the company's I/O conference in June, is essentially a way for Google to guide handset manufacturers in bringing affordable smartphones to emerging markets. ...Read More »
The Surface 2 Slow Fade By Clip Syndicate The 64 gigabyte SKU of the Surface 2 is sold out on Microsoft’s website, and, according to a sales person that Neowin spoke to , it likely won’t be restocked. The company, said the sales rep, is looking to get rid of inventory of the older device, and “focus on the newer version of Surfaces.” Microsoft introduced the successor to the Surface RT last year , along with the Surface Pro 2.

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Google Launches Android One, Phones To Be Priced At Around $105 By Clip Syndicate Google Inc launched in India on Monday the first smartphones powered by its Android One operating system, pricing them at around 6,399 rupees ($105) to capture the low-cost segement of the world's fastest growing smartphone market. Google launched the phones in partnership with Indian mobile phone makers Micromax, Karbonn and Spice Mobiles. Google says it plans to expand Android One to Indonesia, Phillippines and other South Asian countries by the end of 2014 and in more countries in 2015.

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Chinese City Creates 'mobile Phone Lane' For Texting Pedestrians By Clip Syndicate A city in China has opened a dedicated 'mobile phone lane' to help texting pedestrians safely navigate their way around. Large signs have appeared in the region saying first mobile phone sidewalks in China, with an explanation of how to use the lanes. But officials say the lanes are not intended to promote texting while walking, as they warn the public to walk in this lane at your own risk. “There are lots of elderly people and children in our street, and walking with your cellphone may cause unnecessary collisions here."

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How Many Times A Day Do You Check Your Phone? Checky Will Tell You. By Clip Syndicate In today’s hyper-connected world, meditation and relaxation-focused resource Calm gives you a much-needed mental break during the day, and can help you quiet the spinning wheels in your head when it’s time to sleep at night. Now the company is rolling out a second application called Checky, designed more to make you aware of how often you’re using your smartphone. This very basic app simply shows you how many times per day you’ve checked your phone, and maps out where that usage occurred.

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