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Virtual Reality Is More Than Just Video Games For Palmer Luckey By Clip Syndicate Palmer Luckey is on top of the world. He just wrapped up the first conference devoted to the virtual reality headset he helped invent and the company he helped found: Oculus VR. Developers traveled here from around the globe in order to meet one another, swap ideas, and demonstrate their products. Oculus' headset, called the Rift, has been slowly making its way to store shelves. ...Read More »
Microsoft Delays Launch Of Its Xbox One Console In China By Clip Syndicate Microsoft has delayed the launch of its Xbox One game console in China, which had been set for release on Tuesday, but the world's biggest software company said it would be released by the end of the year. Microsoft did not give a reason for the delay in a statement on Sunday. The delay is the latest in a series of setbacks for Microsoft in China, where it is under investigation for suspected anti-trust violations related to the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.

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Scarlett Johansson's 'Lucy' Opens Strong In Russia By Clip Syndicate Luc Besson's Lucy exceeded Russian box-office expectations, bringing in one of the year's biggest opening-weekend performances in the country. The sci-fi/action thriller, released in Russia on Sept. 11, seven weeks after its U.S. release, grossed $9.6 million during the opening weekend, surpassing even the most optimistic forecasts. Besson and the film's star Scarlett Johansson are popular in Russia. ...Read More »
10 Incredibly Realistic Minecraft Creations By Clip Syndicate Uncharted territories and new worlds lie beyond the pixelated screen of Minecraft. Players of the video game often take to building lifelike creations, inspired by both reality and fiction alike. Thousands of hours pass as players, either flying solo or working as a group, attempt to recreate Hogwarts, Middle Earth or the entirety of Denmark within the game's seemingly endless map. ...Read More »
'Destiny' Rakes In $325 Million, But Reviews Paint Game As Mediocre By Clip Syndicate Destiny, the epic space opera that is part first-person shooter, part massive online game, sold through $325 million worth of games in the five days since it was released, publisher Activision said Wednesday. That number, which represents the number of copies already in consumers hands, is the biggest ever for the launch of a new gaming intellectual property. But it's also surprisingly high considering the game is receiving mediocre reviews from critics across the board. ...Read More »
Minecraft And Microsoft: What Now? By Clip Syndicate If you want to understand why Minecraft-maker Mojang is being bought by Microsoft, just play the game. The single-player version is about a lone individual surviving in a harsh world with only their ingenuity to keep them safe. Their very survival depends on them building a home and battling monsters employing only tools and weapons they make with their hands. If computer games were subject to the same analysis applied to novels it would be easy to read this as a metaphor for the life of Markus "Notch" Persson, the game's creator. . He's talked in the past about growing up "relatively poor", about making his own entertainment, and about whether he will have to conquer the same "demons" that troubled his father. Family, friends and the success of the things Notch made with his hands helped him prosper in this harsh world, but that success has led to other challenges. And ones that are much harder to conquer.

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21 Upset Minecrafters Who Are Shaking Their Pickaxes At Microsoft By Clip Syndicate Stay calm. Put down your pickaxe. Everything is going to be okay. On Monday, Microsoft officially purchased Mojang, the software company behind the popular indie game Minecraft, which has brought countless hours of entertainment for more than 100 million gamers since 2009. Following the news, the gamer community sounded off its complaints, concerns and praises over Twitter. Microsoft probably won't deter diehard Minecrafters from playing, but many think this purchase is pretty blockheaded.

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ESRB Celebrates 20 Years of Rating Video Games and Apps By Clip Syndicate NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ESRB Celebrates 20 Years of Rating Video Games and Apps ...Read More »
Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5B By Clip Syndicate Microsoft said it has agreed to buy Mojang, the Swedish video game company behind the hit game Minecraft, boosting its mobile efforts and cementing control of another hit title for its Xbox console. The company said in a statement that Minecraft, which has notched about 50 million copies sold, will be purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. The move marks the tech giant's most ambitious video game purchase and the largest acquisition for Satya Nadella, its new chief executive.

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Microsoft Has Acquired Minecraft By Clip Syndicate Microsoft announced today that Mojang and Minecraft will join its ranks, but it’ll continue to make the game available across iOS, Android and PlayStation as well as on Xbox and PC. Microsoft says that they started their conversation around bringing the title to the Xbox console, and from there witnessed their tremendous success and decided to make the acquisition to help “diversify [its] game portfolio."

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