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Nintendo to Shutter Club Nintendo Rewards Program By Clip Syndicate Game maker Nintendo has decided to discontinue its Club Nintendo rewards program, the company announced on Tuesday. The closure suggests Nintendo is seeking to modify the customer experience for gamers. Nintendo's console, the Wii U, has been stumbling in the US market, trailing far behind both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. ...Read More »
Video Games Preview, Week of January 20th By Clip Syndicate Resident Evil HD Remaster, Citizens of Earth, Blackguards 2, and a Saints Row expansion pack all release. ...Read More »
Video Games Preview, Week of January 20th By Clip Syndicate Resident Evil HD Remaster, Citizens of Earth, Blackguards 2, and a Saints Row expansion pack all release. ...Read More »
Content Insider #375 - Gawking By Miles Weston Even if you have narrowed interests CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is too much to take in in one sitting. So let's take it in manageable segments like part 1 - wearables, cars, TVs. Arguable hot and sexy but are they gotta haves for this year or will you wait a bit. We have our opinions and analysis but you decide. Don't worry we'll get to the next important part of CES...soon. ...Read More »
For Video Game Industry, 2014 Couldn't Escape Slumping Software Sales By Clip Syndicate Looking back on 2014, the video game industry can say it succeeded and it failed. New hardware has flown off store shelves, into more players' hands and at a faster rate than last-generation devices nearly a decade ago. But players still aren't buying enough games. The holiday season, an opportunity for game makers to rebound, proved that not even the biggest companies with the most highly anticipated franchises could entice consumers to spend their money on new titles. The problems are twofold. Game console makers like Sony and Microsoft are in a vicious price war, slashing prices and tossing in free games to get as many devices sold as possible. Microsoft, for example, dropped the price of its Xbox One in the US during the holidays, but consumer response was so strong that it chose to reinstate the cut starting January 16.

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GameStop's December Same-store Sales up 4.4 Percent By Clip Syndicate Video game retailer GameStop said December comparable store sales rose 4.4 percent, driven by higher demand for games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto V and Far Cry 4. Shares of the world's largest retailer of video game products rose about 10 percent to $36 in extended trading. New software sales grew 5.8 percent during the nine-week holiday period ended Jan. 3, the company said on Tuesday. Sales in the mobile & consumer electronics category rose 28 percent.

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'Grand Theft Auto V' Release Date for PCs Delayed Another 2 Months By Clip Syndicate Bad news for PC gamers. Rockstar has further delayed the launch of Grand Theft Auto Five until March 24. The game was originally slated to come out in two weeks, on January 27th. That's two months after the re-release in November and more than a year and a half after its original release. THe company said, "Our apologies for the slight shift in the date but the game requires a few extra weeks of testing and polish to make it as good as can be.." So hang on a bit longer gamers.

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Video Games Preview, Week of January 13th By Clip Syndicate Video Games Preview, Week of January 13th ...Read More »
Content Insider #374 - New Marketing By Miles Weston Instead of jumping right into telling you what's going to get your heart pumpin in 2015 after wearing out my feet at CES I thought it was better to focus on what folks were doing to drag us to their booth over the other guys and what's going to keep you as a customer. All that Big Data stuff they're gathering will stack up in storage as folks use the same old big drum, hammer, holler to get us to buy from them. Only a few companies think twice about after the sale customer service. Fortunately those that put the customer at the center of everything make it easy for you to find them because their light shines a whole lot brighter. And next week I'll have a better handle on what CES really meant. ...Read More »
Witness the Awe as 3-year-old Sees 'Star Wars' for the First Time By Clip Syndicate When Sam Blakeman's son wanted to watch something involving space, Blakeman knew just the thing. He cued up that shining classic "Star Wars: A New Hope" and then got busy making his own little movie of his son's reaction to the rolling opening credits, chill-inspiring score and the first battlelicious scene. Little James' reaction at first seems a little too frenetic, perhaps a wee bit overacted as he's egged on a bit by his dad. But then the lasers start flying and viewers can watch his expression resolve into one of pure awe at the amazingness unfolding on the screen before him. In other words, the Force has awoken in yet another "Star Wars" devotee. Rock on, little Jedi.

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