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Have you heard about Twitch Prime By Clip Syndicate If you have Amazon Prime and your kids use it, chances are they have access to Twitch Prime. It’s a program that allows people to get free games, and the offers are different each month. So what exactly is it, and what games are offered this month on Twitch Prime? Sam, our favorite professional gamer, is here to answer all the questions so you have a better idea about what your kids are playing. To find out more about him, you can go to his gaming channel, youtube.com/SamitoFPS (rated PG-13). ...Read More »
5 Things you should Try First With Your New Amazon Echo By Neil Smith Let me start by congratulating you on your first Amazon Echo. Now it is highly likely that this is your first Smart Speaker and you might me confused regarding its functionality and how you can make Alexa a part of your life. Amazon Echo is a powerful speaker and along with Alexa, the AI assistant, it can be an overall treat for all those who want a smart home. There a number of functions that can be performed using Echo, i.e. calling for a cab, Ordering Food or controlling your lights and all that, using just voice commands. But frankly a new Echo speaker can be a little overwhelming at first. But don't you worry as we are here bringing you the 5 best things that you should try with your brand new Echo. ...Read More »
Dropping the Call By Clip Syndicate I've been cell phone service free since January 1st, and am breaking down the pros and cons, and giving you tips and tricks to living without a phone. ...Read More »
Movie Weather? By Clip Syndicate Movie Weather? ...Read More »
Enhancing Public Transportation through IoT Urban mobility is, in essence, the circulatory system of any city. Public transportation and its efficiency directly impact the ability of a city's lifeblood-it's citizens-to reach their destinations in a timely manner. When this system does not operate at its maximum effectiveness, the people who utilize it suffer, as does the integrity of the city itself. It is vital to utilize technology to one's advantage rather than lagging and constantly trying to catch up. One of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the curve is to use IoT (Internet of Things) to your advantage. ...Read More »
The Camp Connection By Clip Syndicate Nathan Brant is joined by Maya St. Pierre, Ryan Mills, Dean Pellegrino-Short, and Gracie King to talk about South Mountain YMCA Camp's film class. ...Read More »
TP Link has an outdoor camera coming By IDG.TV TP Link has an outdoor camera coming ...Read More »
How to connect your iPhone to your TV By IDG.TV How to connect your iPhone to your TV ...Read More »
LG G7 camera test vs OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ2, and Huawei P20 Pro | Last Cam Standing XIII By IDG.TV The OnePlus 6, LG G7 ThinQ, and Sony Xperia XZ2 take on the Huawei P20 Pro, a smartphone camera powerhouse - and our current winner! ...Read More »
The Healthy WAAY: Pancreatic Cancer Treatment By Clip Syndicate Researchers now have a new tool to study the development of pancreatic cancer ...Read More »

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