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Shaping the Future of Enterprise VR with VRgineers By Marek Polcák Imagine the virtual reality that brings a real-life experience. Imagine a tool for designers that can speed up the designing process and see the reality before it actually happens. Imagine doctors performing simulated surgeries to learn new techniques with a lifelike level of detail. And imagine engineers walking through a building that has yet to be constructed to view every tiny detail of their design. Thanks to high-def VR all of this is at your fingertips. ...Read More »
Sun Valley Film Festival wraps up seventh year By Clip Syndicate The Festival has continued to grow and now organizers say they're at a good level. ...Read More »
Loper Report: Three things you need to watch this weekend By Clip Syndicate News 3's Wil Loper is back from France with three things to watch for your weekend. ...Read More »
Tomb Raider - View on Film By Clip Syndicate Jason Valentine reviews Tomb Raider ...Read More »
What The Tech: Apps For Allergy Relief By Clip Syndicate WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on apps that can help people cope with allergies ...Read More »
Box Office Preview By Clip Syndicate The newly rebooted "Tomb Raider" hits theaters this week with a new actress taking on the role of heroine Lara Croft. NBC's Raphael Seth has more. ...Read More »
MOVAC staff shortage By Clip Syndicate MOVAC staff shortage ...Read More »
How to quit apps on the iPhone X By IDG.TV On the iPhone X, there’s a new, Home button-less way to quit iOS apps. ...Read More »
What The Tech: Digital Spring Clearing By Clip Syndicate WAAY 31 Tech Guy Jamey Tucker talks about ways to get rid of unneeded clutter in your phone's memory ...Read More »
"Tomb Raider" - Alicia Vikander By Clip Syndicate Alicia Vikander discusses taking on the role of video game heroine Lara Croft, made famous by Angelina Jolie, in the new revamp of "Tomb Raider." NBC's Mike Wilber reports. ...Read More »

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