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Technology By Clip Syndicate Technology as a whole is evolving and starting to effect local business. ...Read More »
jamie b block 6 By Clip Syndicate jamie b block 6 ...Read More »
Verizon workers will work while negotiations continue By Clip Syndicate Negotiations affect more than 37,000 East Wireline employees in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, according to Verizon. ...Read More »
Spiedie Fest 2015 By Clip Syndicate Spiedie Fest 2015 ...Read More »
I Am Potential Movie By Clip Syndicate A full length feature film shot on location in Tupelo is playing this weekend... ...Read More »
Your Movie Friend on new Mission Impossible and Vacation By Clip Syndicate Your Movie Friend Aaron Dicer on two new long-running franchises. He sizes up "Vacation," and "Mission Impossible." ...Read More »
Content Insider #404 - Focus Folks By Miles Weston The world's social domains never quite panned out the way they were first envisioned as a way for folks to get together in virtual communities/groups to exchange information and ideas. They went public and stockholders wanted a huge ROI. People wanted a little better than a living wage to support the sites' infrastructure. Advertisers, marketing folks saw an opportunity wend their way into the relationship. Management saw huge dollars by meeting the ad/marketing needs and posters went wild. There's personalized and personal but some folks just don't understand the difference. Maybe when Web 3.0 comes around. ...Read More »
An agents perspective on life before Century 21 C. Watson By Clip Syndicate Many people change careers multiple times, but our guest explains how he went from drilling wells to a real estate agent. He has now been in the business for twenty years, and he was able to land a job at Century 21 C. Watson. He also shows a great home based in Clovis. Plus, this home has a pool! ...Read More »
Hub City Beach Party comes with changes this year By Clip Syndicate The event benefits Foster*A*Life. Click the video for details. ...Read More »
Back to School Gadget Guide with Mario Armstrong 2015 By Clip Syndicate Summer is coming to an end and that means students across the country are prepping for back to school. Technology has become a must-have and students and parents need to make sure they gear-up with this year’s latest tech. Award-winning Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong partnered with brands to showcase a gadget guide that will give students an edge when they head to class. ...Read More »

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