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Winter Olympics

Part 6 - The Ski Jump Competition

By Miles Weston

The U.S. XXIII Olympic Winter Games Ski Jump Trials

Like the Alpine skiing contests, the U.S. Ski Jump Olympic Trials were a test of Jeff Swinger's skiing and photography talents.  

This was the first time he climbed the steps of the ski jump, and he was glad that he didn't have to climb all the way for his photos.  "It's easier from our vantage point and at the bottom," he said jokingly.  

This is another sport that the photographer can't see the athletes until they are launched into the air for the jump.  

Jeff notes he's fortunate enough to have a constant view of the ski jumps from his neighborhood where he lives in Park City.  "They bathe the jumps in light every evening - year-round," he commented, "And it's very enjoyable to go out and look at them, even when they aren't covered with snow."  

"Ski jumping is really amazing to watch," he said.  "You think they would be really high in the air, but they aren't much more than 10 feet off the ground once they are in the air."

Jeff noted that ski-jump athletes assume a position completely different from the Alpine skiers.  Alpine skiers don't want to be airborne for long, so they can cut through the air as if they were in a wind tunnel.
However, the jumpers try to stay in the air as long as possible with "floaty" uniform suits and giant, fat, long skis.

Sarah Hendrickson (7) competes in ski jumping in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials at Utah Olympic Park. 
Jeff's goal was to shoot each jumper during their training jump and competition jump. Then, he had to hurry down to the bottom to shoot the reaction when their scores and ranking positions were announced.

Sarah Hendrickson (7) reacts to winning the women's ski jumping competition at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials at Utah Olympic Park. 

Michael Glasder (5) celebrates after winning the men's ski jump at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials at Utah Olympic Park. 

Sarah Hendrickson (7) celebrates with Abby Ringquist (8) after winning the women's ski jump and earning her Olympic team spot at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials at Utah Olympic Park. 

The ski jump competition was the finale of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, which wrapped up New Year's Eve day.
"It was really a nice way to finish off the year," said Jeff.

All of his shots were transferred from his OWC Envoy Pro EX, and when he had the luxury of time to do another backup, the Mercury On-The-Go Pro.  "It was my faithful backup solution during the Rio Summer Games and never lost a pixel," he emphasized.  

And on New Year's Day, Jeff reviewed all of the shots, cataloged them, stored them and backed them up on his OWC RAID.

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