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What Are The Recent Innovations With CAD Software?

CAD (Computer Aided Design) has been on the shelves for decades and used for all different design solutions. If you think of the original CAD software solutions that were originally on computers to where we are now - it is night and day.  This software has been keeping up with the demands of engineering technology and has assisted in the accuracy and safety of the products that are produced as a result. Whilst this software upgrades constantly, it is sometimes more difficult for the industry to keep up with the changes. If you look at the users of CAD, this can range from a person at their home wanting to design simple components to the defence sector who may be producing parts for a nuclear bomb. 

Here, we'll talk you through the recent innovations. 

What Has Changed Recently With CAD?

When choosing software to use, you will soon see that the market has grown massively and CAD software for PCB design has really had some big changes in how it operates. Some of the big changes include:
  • 3D views - This sounds really simple however these rotational views allow you to see your design from different angles and potentially pick up on design issues. You can move between 2D and 3D when implementing the design, however, seeing your end product in 3D mode clearly is more impressive and effective.
  • Simulations - Imagine designing a product and having it fail due to something going unnoticed. The simulation feature allows you to check out what (in theory) should be the end result of your product.  In terms of safety and quality, this is an invaluable tool that can help prevent any manufacturing issues that could compromise the integrity of your component or product.
  • Transferring of Information - If you have a complicated supply chain and not everyone is using the same version of CAD as you, this can be overcome by you having the latest version and the need to have older versions is redundant.  With the latest versions of CAD software, you will find that these easily downloadable on your computer.
Where Can You Get Help With New CAD Changes?

Whether you are an individual or a large company, making the changes to new versions of CAD can be a challenge if you do not have the correct level of support. This is why it needs to be completed in the correct way with stakeholders aligned with the need to actually upgrade. If for example, the CAD versions used in the company require upgrading, it should be done in bulk to make sure there is no inconsistency. If you purchase the software from a reputable dedicated CAD firm then generally they may offer you the option to join a virtual training session or even some classroom training. This allows you to understand from the expert in the industry what the new features are and how this can help you on your journey. There are also many different forums on the internet for CAD users to have some community discussions. 

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