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The Third Shift

Your daily dose of creepy

By Ko Maruyama

The Third Shift

Stereoscopic Ghost Story

The Third Shift is, at first glance, a story told through images in a calendar.  But it's only part of a larger tale.  The calendar is just a sample imagery found in the monthly stories that appear from the minds at Cryptonym Media, projected through eerie stereoscopic compositing.   The creative writing and compositing are packaged into a tactile, technological, and interactive experience.

In the Third Shift calendar, founder Ed Raeker creates an experience that goes beyond a simple serial story.  The calendar itself has a monthly image that showcases one of the ghosts from the collection of stories.  In the larger story, each ghost has been snapped with a fantastic spectral image-capturing camera.

The calendar comes with a pair of plastic glasses that allow the viewer to see the monthly images in stereoscopic creepiness. 

The supernatural story unfolds in the calendar, revealed by QR Codes that allow the "user" to follow up with a monthly story behind the calendar's image.

It's also an eBook for your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other eBook compatible device, so you can sit down and read all about Project Eldolon yourself.

Super creepy!  This calendar and eBook are available online at ThirdShiftConsipracy.com  (It comes with a glow-in-the-dark bracelet if you get too scared when the lights go out)

Ko Maruyama is a freelance animator in Los Angeles.  In addition to working on film and broadcast animations, Ko teaches at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design - focusing on motion design.  When working, writing or testing software allows, you can find him lending a hand in the After Effects board and lurking among the Cinema4D, Visual Effects and Photoshop posts within the DMNForums.

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