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Smartwatch Benefits for Entrepreneurs

By Jaimy Ford for America's Backbone Weekly

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Technology is moving at a lightening pace. It's hard to believe that the iPhone 1st generation was launched in 2007; not all that long ago, especially considering our love affair with our smartphones. Our whole lives, from our work schedules to our family photos, live on our smartphones. We can access just about any bit of information we need from just about anywhere with a Google search. That just isn't enough for some tech-loving souls, though. Enter the smartwatch.

The smartwatch is more than just a trend fueled by all the techies out there. It can be a really useful tool for small businesses -- from retail and construction to the healthcare and service industries. Here are just a few ways to make this new-age technology work for busy entrepreneurs:

Improve Your Manners

Face it: Smartphones make people really rude. Just look around you and chances are you'll see people with their faces buried in their phones. They ring at inopportune times; they beep incessantly; and even when they are set to vibrate, they cause a scene with all that rattling on tabletops.

Smartwatches, when set to vibrate, gently remind you -- and only you -- that you have an incoming message. You can then subtly check your messages with a glance at your watch and deny a call with a simple touch -- without other people knowing. You don't miss messages -- and you come across as super polite. An innovative win-win.

Drive Safer

Whether you are traveling to sell your products or commuting to and from work, most smartwatches are Bluetooth-enabled, offering you a hands-free -- safe -- way to communicate.

Ease Travel

Running through the airport with luggage, boarding passes and that coveted cup of coffee makes it hard for you to pull out your phone and check for flight information. With smartwatch technology, you can glance down at your arm and get all the information you need without ever having to dig for your phone. As an added bonus, most smartwatches offer an estimated time of arrival and weather-alert features.

Bottom line: If you are a gadget lover and a business entrepreneur, smartwatches offer you enough productivity-boosting and life-simplifying benefits to justify the high price tag.

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Jaimy Ford is a professional business writer withnearly a decade's worth of experience developing newsletters, blogs, e-letters,training tools and webinars for business professionals. She contributes to bothThe Intuit Small Business Blog and Docstoc.com. She also serves as editor-in-chief of SalesMastery, a digital magazine writtenspecifically for sales professionals.

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