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Internet of Things: 4 Ways to Keep Your Home Connected

By Ryan Ayers

The rise of Big Data and the power of data analytics have opened a new world of possibilities for the technology business industry. Myriad devices and gadgets have surfaced to constitute what many like to call the "Internet of Things" (IoT). These sleek devices are getting smarter with greater functionality all the time. Now, many smart devices are being developed for use in smart homes. This new technology is fully integrating everything from home entertainment systems to everyday household appliances into the IoT framework. Having more devices in homes connected to wireless Internet technology gives users a new dimension of control and the power to do more. 

Here are four great devices for a fully connected home.

Built-In Wi-fi and Alexa 
Smart homes of the future will feature more complex IoT devices that will require simplified control and more data. With the advanced IoT functionality of Amazon's Alexa, users already have the power to control all their smart home technology from a single source using voice command. As people add more devices to their IoT setup, and as Alexa gets smarter with more "skills" in her arsenal, the traditional Wi-Fi setup may not be able to manage everything efficiently. For this very reason, an organization called Wi-Fi Alliance recently established standards for designing new homes with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity. The standard designs are intended to increase bandwidth and ensure a powerful connection for future homes that will rely on more IoT devices.

Wireless Controllers 
Wireless controllers are a great new wireless technology that connects a range of IoT devices in your home. These include smart lighting systems, security technology such as locks, sensors, and cameras, and a list of other smart devices. Most of these devices come with a corresponding app that allows users to access and control them from anywhere using a smartphone. This technology has proven especially beneficial for busy parents who are looking to leverage technology to maintain their family's wellness while also maintaining a job and healthy life themselves. Capable controllers like the Vera Edge or the Wink Smart Hub operate similar to Alexa, giving you complete command of your IoT setup.

Sonos Playbase 
For music lovers, Sonos is a brand that offers premium sound quality for your home entertainment system. The Sonos Playbase is a high-end product that fits nicely under your TV, or anywhere else in your home, and providing excellent surround sound quality. It can link to other Sonos components like speakers and can also provide instant access to the music streaming service of your choice. The Playbase features a function that tests room acoustics and adjusts accordingly for the best quality sound wherever you decide to put it. Also, Sonos is looking to integrate their Playbase functionality with voice command apps like Alexa and Siri in the future as well as integrating other smart devices in the home to their top-notch sound system. With the Sonos Playbase, the potential for more seamless connectivity for music and IoT technology in your home looks very promising.
Complete Garage and Lock Control from Anywhere 
Smart garage door openers and locking systems are a great way to add convenience and security to your home. These great IoT devices give you the ability to check on the status of your garage or door lock status from a smartphone app, so you can tell whether you forgot to close the garage or lock the door and can activate both from any location. They also allow you to receive alerts directly to your phone anytime someone activates the device, so you can see when other family members enter or leave the house. IoT tech companies like Vivint have a great selection of smart garage openers and lock systems that can be fully integrated with other smart technology in your home for maximum control and security.

More and more homes are relying on smart technology to add comfort and peace of mind. Smart homes of the future will become more seamlessly integrated with the IoT as new technology like Alexa and Wireless controllers become smarter and more powerful and new homes become more Wi-Fi efficient. As this exciting technology becomes more popular with consumers, tech companies and homeowners alike will become more likely to embrace this emerging trend.

Ryan Ayers has been a consultant for over five years within multiple industries including information technology, medical devices and logistics. 

Many clients call him the BizTech Guru. He is a freelance writer on the side and lover of all things related to business, technology, innovation and the LA Clippers.

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