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How to Use Tech to Hire the Best

By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly

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Are you ready to make a new hire? Times are changing, and if you're about to begin the recruiting process for your next star employee, it's time to review the tools and technologies that can ensure you only hire the very best. The days of placing ads in newspapers and at employment centers are over, and online tools are growing more sophisticated all the time. Here are some things you should consider before starting the hiring process.

Mobile-friendly sites

Leveraging the Internet to make a hire is a no-brainer, but are your job ads getting posted on mobile-friendly sites, such as Monster or Indeed? Is your own company website mobile friendly? According to Recruiterbox, 70% of people today use their mobile devices for job hunting. Today's tech-savvy recruits don't waste time on cumbersome, traditional websites when using their phones and Tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site or app – or using a recruitment gateway that does – will ensure that you're not driving away potential superstars.

Social media

A social media presence is essential for recruiting these days. According to Recruiterbox, 60% of companies have made hires by posting job ads on social media. Posting job ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like will ensure that more people know you're hiring. What's more, people who follow you on social media are already likely to be fans of your business, increasing the likelihood that they'll be more enthusiastic about working for you.

Conversely, social media enables you to screen potential candidates or even search for candidates on your own. LinkedIn is specifically designed for job recruiting and is a great place to check up on a candidate's credentials and interests. But other social media sites may be helpful as well. Checking an applicant's Facebook page, for instance, can help you ensure that the candidate behaves ethically and admirably in their personal life. While some privacy advocates may claim that viewing Facebook pages is inappropriate, the truth is that by posting on social media we are all consenting to publish in the public realm. If your candidate is posting embarrassing pictures of themselves, do you really want to hire them?

Recruiting software

In addition to posting job ads on your own sites and social media, you can now employ web-based software platforms to help manage the hiring process. Programs like Workable are becoming HR industry standards. Workable includes job listing programming that automatically posts ads across multiple job boards (like Indeed and Monster). It stores, tracks and organizes applicant C.V.s and social media profiles into comprehensive profiles. You can try Workable for 15 days for free. After that, prices range from $39 to $399 depending on the account size and support package you want. There are countless other platforms available for you to investigate, and a Google search can take you to detailed listings and reviews of each. Using these programs not only helps you find good candidates, it saves you a considerable amount of time that would otherwise be spent posting job ads at individual sites and managing all the applications.

Online aptitude tests

If you're interested in testing job candidates, there are now a plethora of testing products available. Most of them can be administered onsite or online. For example, HireSelect by Criteria Corp lets you run aptitude, skill and personality tests across multiple industries, so you can see what applicants can do before you hire them. Results are formatted into easily readable reports. Their pricing is subscription-based and is negotiated with the vendor. As with recruiting software, there are plenty of alternatives available and a quick Google search will provide a bounty of research into the different aptitude tests available.

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