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How Virtual Reality is Transforming Our World

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Virtual reality has changed how we interact with the internet. For the longest time, this interaction has been limited to only two dimensions. But with VR, the experience is now fully immersive, and life changing. This new technology has the potential to change every industry from healthcare to retail, to education. And industry players and investors have taken notice.

PlayStation recently launched the PS4 VR headset, which is already changing the gaming industry. Oculus and Facebook are also joining the fray. Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of the action. But, what does this mean for you? How is VR transforming our world? And what changes can you expect in your life?

1. Better Conceptualization

Some industries use 3D conceptualization to give you a tour of upcoming projects. For example, a kitchen design showroom might use 3D modelling software to show you what your finished kitchen will look like. This ability to walk through a remodelled kitchen often determines whether a client buys. So, it is easy to see why VR could change how such industries do business.

Better conceptualization means a better sales pitch, which in turn leads to more sales. 

2. Experiential Marketing

You seldom know what to expect after buying a new product. Yes, you know what it can do, but your expectations are usually determined by what you saw in the advertising, or by the salesperson who sold you the product. But, what if you could try out a product before buying it? Experiential marketing seeks to help you do just that. Imagine you're a prospective college student torn on which university to enrol in. What do you do?

Checking out facilities like dorms and lecture halls before you enrol is now possible. And as you walk around the campus, a tour guide gives you a sales pitch that you can listen to as many times as you like. After touring several campuses, making an informed decision on where to study becomes easy. 

3. Learn New Skills Faster and Easier

Soldiers are now using VR to learn hand-to-hand combat and other fighting disciplines. In hand-to-hand combat, VR immerses the soldier into a near-realistic situation, but without the risk of injury associated with such training. Soldiers also learn parachuting, diving and sharpshooting without ever jumping out of a plane, getting wet or firing a real round.

4. Gambling

The gambling industry is keen on using VR to up its sales, and with good reason. In fact, VR gambling is growing at such a fast rate that profits are expected to grow by 800 per cent within five years. Today, it's possible to enter a virtual casino and gamble away. Traveling to gambling meccas like Las Vegas is no longer necessary. Australian casino players looking for VR casino games can simply stay within the comfort of their homes and choose between the many options available to them. 

VR has the potential to change how you live your life. It is, indeed, the future of learning, gambling, conceptualization, and marketing. 
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