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How VR Is Revolutionizing Other Industries, including Healthcare

Virtual Reality, or VR, is the next big thing in production technology. VR production projects are becoming more and more common, even among mainstream companies and media. There is news regarding VR being used to produce Tron 3; the movie is set to be the first virtual reality movie and is scheduled for release in October.

The VR revolution is bleeding out into other industries as well. It is interesting to see how VR is changing the way we do things in general, especially in industries such as retail, healthcare, and education.

VR Consumer Experience

VR in retail is used more by businesses than the consumers directly. Virtual reality is now an integral part of testing and store design, allowing businesses to fine-tune consumer flow and tweak their overall user experience to the last detail. It is also worth noting that VR allows businesses to test new store layouts and concepts without having to invest in actual renovations.

At the same time, VR is being used to help solve common problems that used to be difficult to solve. Figuring out potential traffic problems, for instance, can now be done in the virtual world. The same can be said for testing product placements and in-store arrangements.

Virtual Healthcare Experience

Another industry in which VR is making a big impact is healthcare. For starters, VR is now being used to help patients understand their body better. Using data from CT or MRI scans, doctors can take their patients on a journey to better understand the medical condition they face. The approach works extremely well with younger patients.

Top universities such as Adelphi University are also starting to use VR to train doctors and support personnel. The online master in health informatics program now includes classes on how to process medical information with the help of VR. Future online MSHI degree holders will be ready to utilize VR-based solutions to support doctors and physicians.

Better Education with VR

Naturally, VR is the perfect fit for our education landscape. Students can now set foot on Mars and actually look at the surface of the planet using virtual reality and study data gathered by space probes and 3D imaging. Virtual landscapes can be created, which means students now enjoy a more immersive learning experience.

VR is taking the education landscape to the next level now that the supporting technology is improved. Better VR headsets and more capable production tools mean the quality of VR content schools and universities can access is far greater and more realistic. There are more input methods too, so students also have the ability to interact with the virtual world seamlessly.

What's interesting about all of these advancements is the different ways VR is used. The technology - along with the production technology behind VR content - can be adapted to suit specific scenarios. Healthcare institutions are already using VR for embodied cognition and actually incorporating virtual reality in treatments. It won't be long before we have VR being used for surgeries and other advanced applications.  

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