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10 Z-Waves Devices Every Smart Home Should Have Installed

By Andrew Deen

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Today's homes are becoming more connected thanks to advances in smart technology. With smart devices and the wireless connectivity of Z-Wave, users can have complete control over home security, comfort, and entertainment from anywhere. These ten Z-Wave smart devices are great additions to a fully integrated smart home.

Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt lock comes with a built-in alarm system. The locking mechanism is activated using a personalized, 4-digit code on the touch screen and can store up to nineteen separated codes. With Z-Wave compatibility, the lock can also be activated using a smart phone app. Users can verify the lock status remotely and receive electronic communications with details about user access. This smart device can also communicate wirelessly with home security systems and other electronic and smart technology. 

Honeywell YTH8320 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat

Honeywell's Z-Wave smart thermostat allows you to easily check on the status of heating and cooling appliances and adjust the temperature of your home remotely. You can preset heating/cooling cycles for the week and cancel or override settings when necessary. The device allows users to receive status alerts on the condition of heating and cooling components, so you know when appliances are in need of repair or when parts need to be replaced.

Z-Wave Plus Smart Doorbell - Gen 5

The Z-Wave Plus doorbell adds a layer of security and protection to your home. This innovative technology can work as a standalone device or in synch with other Z-Wave security devices. It can activate security lights and cameras, allowing users to see visitors clearly on a live feed. This Z-Wave device can also notify you when someone rings the doorbell by sending notifications to your smartphone whether you're at home or in a remote location. 

Zipato Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb

This Z-Wave LED bulb can be operated wirelessly, letting users control lighting remotely with a smartphone. Not only do users have the ability to switch the bulbs on and off from any location, but they can also adjust the levels of lighting manually or automatically. These smart bulbs can change colors based on particular remote settings, or the status of other devices, which could be great for a number of functions and occasions.

Schlage WCO100NXNNSL Smart Security Camera

This outdoor/indoor smart camera can be accessed remotely from web devices and can also be synched with Z-Wave motion sensing devices to activate when movement is detected outside your home. When paired with a smartphone, users can even receive instant email notifications when the camera is activated. The camera features night vision capability and gives users 24-hour access to activity in or outside their home from anywhere at any time.

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter - 2nd Edition

Aeon Labs' Z-Wave smart home energy system connects to the main circuit box, allowing users to track energy use of every electronic device in their home at once. These systems can provide real-time, detailed information on energy output in watts and kilowatts, letting you see when certain devices are draining the most energy. With smart energy monitoring, all of this activity can be observed right from your computer. 

Vera Plus Advanced Home Controller

This nifty Z-Wave device works as a command hub for all your smart home technology by the touch of a button or voice command. Using a computer or smartphone app, users can control a range of security, entertainment and other devices from at home or any other location. One great advantage of the Vera Plus is that instead of having to switch between apps to manage smart devices like security cameras and smart bulbs, all can be handled through a single app. 

Fibaro FGMS-001 Z-Wave Motion Sensor

This high-quality motion sensor can operate lighting technology in your home. Its color-coded lights can also indicate changing conditions such as temperature or motion. The advanced motion sensing technology recognizes the difference between humans and animals and can send email alerts when motion is detected. It can also help save energy by shutting off lights in empty rooms or by letting you know when temperatures get too high or too low.

Z-Wave URC550 Universal Remote

The Z-Wave Universal Remote functions not only as a controller for all Z-Wave devices in your home, but can also operate all your AV appliances. This dual functionality is a great option for added convenience. As technology for entertainment media and home appliances has become more sophisticated, this Z-Wave remote is a great way to simplify the technology and make life easier.

First Alert 2-In-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This popular item features a wireless Z-Wave connection that gives you access and control right from your smart phone and also pairs with Z-Wave controller devices. Users can quickly shut off the alarm with a controller or smartphone app, and the advanced sensors detect real threats more accurately. With this 2-in-1 smart detector, you can receive emergency alerts even when you're away from home.

Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices and everything in between. 

He implements lean methodology and currently writing a book about scaling up business. 

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