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disaster artist D

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disaster artist D Video: disaster artist D
disaster artist D Fri, 01 Dec 2017 13:14:27 +0000 disaster artist D disaster artist D KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: the weekend is ulterior and that means new movies are in the box office. the one guy with all of their views, new movies in the box office. so the one guy, you have -- >> brian: it is the ones of december. we have the disaster artist, based on a true story of the making of the movie the room. >> brian: if you have seen this, it is awful! >> tony: one of the worst films ever made. this is a close second to the worst movie ever. it is unintentionally funny. the major issue in this satire is that most people going to see this movie have never seen the movie that this is based on the making appears that he will not going to get all of the story. they will not understand what they were trying to do. >> brian: less like an inside joke you don't know. >> tony: other movies degree of both vendor and the player, tropic thunder. these are movies about making movies that approached the same topic with a broader audience. because you are in on the joke. this one doesn't do that. you will love this movie. but everyone else will say, that was not very good. >> brian: maybe they should put a double feature at a drive-in movie. >> tony: james franco, he is the director, this is a real guy. he is unabashed, unapologetic. this is a performance that is over-the-top, almost mesmerizing but it is not enough to make the film more palatable, more watchable and in the end, the disaster artist is disappointing. >> brian: it is a disaster. >> tony: it has a lot of promise but never delivers. i gave this a "d" and it is rated r. >> brian: okay. you probably just want to skip this movie. >> tony: there are some others that you can catch up. we have several with coco being one of them. we are also waiting

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