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contractor story Sat, 04 Nov 2017 00:19:18 +0000 contractor story contractor story KLAS Las Vegas, NV tonight. because she gets results. and tonight our michelle mortensen is helping a couple in the midst of a home improvement nightmare... becuase when you hire a bad contractor... you need michelle on your side. ((mark: 12:00 to walk through this ... everyday and look at this ... it's been the hardest thing about owning this house in the 13 years that we have owned it.)) if home is where the heart is ... mark thompson and ted caldwell would likely say there hearts are broken. ((mark: 12:10 this in the front has been by far the most difficult thing we've ever been through with this home ... ever.... being a home owner. i am really frustrated to say the least. .... )) their frustration stems from a contractor ... they say started a job ... but never finished. ((ted: 13:29 we constantly from day one asked him about a timeline when will this be done .. when will you work next .. and he's never ever provided that. )) ted's talking about harry falco of brick art masonry... the contractor recommended to him by life long friends. ((mark: 25:49 they spoke very highly of him and they are just in a fit over this fiasco )) the fiasco boils down to starting the front yard remodel in january ... taking more than 17 thousand dollars from them ... and then disappearing for months and months. ((ted: 22:43 all we wanted was for him to finish. )) ((mark: 11:35 he won't return call or texts )) the couple gave him until august 18th to make things right ... but they say he never did. the only sign he had ever been there ... was a partial column ... a broken down cement mixer ... and a few tools. (( 22;47 mark: i couldn't live with myself if i did this to somebody ... i couldn't do it ... it's like don'tyou have a conscience )) desperate for help ... they asked me to get on their side. with some assistance from the contractor's board .. we learned falco was licensed and bonded. and that was great news for ted and mark. that meant they could recoop their loses ... simply by filing a claim .. with the bond holder. they did .. .and a few months later .. they had cash in hand .. to finish the job. :10 i am so thankful for both people like you and the state contractors board :14 because of the money from the bond ... the work on their yard is almost completed ... and mark and ted are thrilled. their house is once again ... a home.... rather than a construction site. and it was mypleasure to help ((denise valdez)) >>> still to come on 8 news now at 5... it's the scond annual

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