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box office friday b and the b

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box office friday Video: box office friday b and the b
box office friday Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:14:07 +0000 box office friday b and the b box office friday KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City you are watching good morning utah, good 4 utah. >> brian: everyone is going to the movie and we know what they're going to see right tony? >> tony: right, logan. >> brian: the much-anticipated release of beauty and the beast is today. we have been reviewed. >> it is one of those films, it it divides people into categories. either you hated or you're going to love it. >> this is how this will be. i guess you know is split down the middle. here is my take on it. when disney decides to do an adaptation of a classic animated filming of beauty and the beast when the first animated oscar. it is wonderful film. when the category as a major motion picture release, not just for animated series. >> brian: right. >> tony: this is a wonderful realm, people love the movie. and it comes out as a live action film, you have minutes looking at it very hard. >> brian: very objectively. >> this is what they were up with, one of the loves of their lives as films. he noticed there is really the same here they have not changed anything. you have given it a little bit of wider and darker background to how all of this kind of pans out for the beast. >> brian: i think we are working for a big "but". >> tony: doesn't have the charm and the empathy that the animated film brought about. it does not mean it is a bad movie, it just means that it is not quite as good as the first. and when disney, we were told about this before we came on. the animated updates and the make live-action films. >> brian: right coming of cinderella, the jungle book. >> they were just absolutely beautiful. and they also kind of went on their own a little bit. they did not really rehash the original films. although the stories are the same. >> brian: is that when disney did here? >> tony: think what they said was it look like in part that they just said well, it will make money. and it will make money, that is not the problem. >> brian: you gave this a b. yes i think some people really love it and we are split right down the middle. i gave it a b it is rated pg. and that is a big will be opening this week. i think it will be the number one film this weekend. i think people will be going and maybe expecting too much of it. that is all. >> brian: it is a big film, big shoes to fill. >> tony: it sure is. >> brian: if you going to facebook you can see all of the reviews of tony's movies. if you're going to the theater how is the weather looking? that's the big question.

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