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The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes

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The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes Video: The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes
The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes Fri, 14 Jul 2017 17:26:16 +0000 The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes The Big Sick and War for the Planet of the Apes KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> mr. tony is back on the show from talking pictures. it's been a big couple of weeks for blockbusters. >> huge. wonder woman opened the summer and then spiderman home coming doing really, really terrific. and the battle at the box office this weekend is going to be between spiders and apes. >> that's in a second. first this one. >> this is based on the real life courtship between pakistani born comedian, i'm going to screw his name up and emly gordon and this tells the story about how they met. they kind of just hooked up after he was doing a set and had kind of a one night stand that turned into a long night stand. and then what happened in the film is she goes -- she gets sick and goes into a coma and he barely knows her but he knows he loves her and that is where this movie kind of takes a departure from every other romantic comedy you've ever seen because he is standing by her side. she doesn't know he's there. he has to deal with her parents who are a little bit scared that her daughter, their daughter is dating a pakistani. it's very awkward in a lot of the conversations they have. that's ray romano and holly hunter as the parents. this movie goes beyond the traditional romantic comedy. do not pass this one up as you can see, i gave it an a. it's rated r. it is worth going to see. >> this is what you tell me to see when i walked on the set today. >> i know your sense of humor and i know what you like and this is one of those films. >> a love story but funny, too. >> very funny but very awkward in the way it's presented. you have to see it to really appreciate it. >> i love that you loved a love story. did you love war for planet of the apes? >> the answer is yes, i did. you know how i am with sequels. sequels to me, you know, are like xerox copies. they get lighter and lighter as more sequels come out. they've changed, you know, the format a little bit. this is the third in the series of new movies. ceasar and the apes are forced into a deadly conflict led by this colonel played by woody harrelson. we know that he can do great acting. he plays a very chilling character in this and yes, he does a great job but it is andy who plays ceasar, the ape, and he's got that body suit on with all of the dots on it. we've seen how that works. we need him to be nominated for an academy. kudos to the actor. it wouldn't work if it wasn't for andy. this movie is brilliantly done. it talks about the conflict between humans and humans. i mean, it kind of remind you of how custer treated the indians. this really goes to those places and it's very deep and you should see it. it gets an a. two a's this weekend. >> it's a good week. >> it's rated pg-13. that will be the number one movie this weekend. >> you think it will knock spiderman off the top. >> everyone that sees spiderman is going to see war for the planet of the apes. it will probably do between $70 million to $90 million. >> please like tony on facebook. find him at talking pictures. >> there we go. thank you.

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