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New Movie LBJ

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New Movie LBJ Video: New Movie LBJ
New Movie LBJ Fri, 24 Nov 2017 03:24:15 +0000 New Movie LBJ New Movie LBJ WLAX 54 years ago yesterday, president john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas, texas. that day, lyndon b. johnson assumed the presidency ... and the weight of the world which would become the, two-time oscar nominee woody harrelson is transformed into l.b.j ... in a performance which could garner him future awards nominations. rick damigella reports. "convention fever grips los angeles. the only major threat to kennedy's hopes is senate majority leader lyndon johnson."woody harrelson steps into the shoes of the 36th president of the united states in "l-b-j.""there's no power in the vice-presidency.""power is where power goes."a part he was reluctant to take on."yeah because i think about vietnam or at least i used to just think about vietnam when i thought of lbj so i didn't think it was a part for me. but then rob reiner directing it i was like, i love rob reiner, and also i think politically he's about astute as anyone comes so he had to have ample reason to want to do it."jennifer jason leigh portrays lady bird johnson. "it's daunting whenever you play someone real it's a little bit frightening and also you feel beholden - i mean you feel like you have - you have to capture them in a very real way, its a big responsibility.""they were great men, who nearly destroyed america. i don't ever want a history book to say that about me."director rob reiner says johnson's presidency was about more than the vietnam war."it's definitely a tale of two presidencies. if you look at it. i mean unfortunately he did escalate the war in vietnam and i was his enemy - he was an enemy to me, i was of draft age during that time so i was very hesitant to make a film about him. but, he did have this legislative success, domestically, and if you think about it, second to maybe fdr, probably the greatest legislative achievement of any president and had it not been for vietnam, he would have gone down as one of the presidents of all time.""there will be no compromise. this is about making president kennedy's vision a reality."in hollywood, i'm

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