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Justice League Midday BOF

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Justice League Midday BOF Video: Justice League Midday BOF
Justice League Midday BOF Fri, 17 Nov 2017 18:22:53 +0000 Justice League Midday BOF Justice League Midday BOF KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> my favorite critic back on the show. we've been talking about movie critics all week. what do they think about justice league? i'm dying to hear what you think. >> we're going to reveal that in a moment. >> save it for a second. >> let's talk about wonder. this stars julia roberts and owen wilson as parents of a child entering the fifth grade. he's been home schooled but because he has a facial deformity, they kept him out of school because you know how children are. they can be very, very mean. now it's his first day in fifth grade and they are on edge. how are these children going to treat him? this is a wonderful film. it is heart warming, rewarding movie and it's one of those movies they keep saying, i get emails, why don't they make films like they used to? this is one of those. i love this movie for the message it has about not only treating people with kindness but overcoming your own ob obstacles and seeing the beauty in other people despite what they look like on the outside. see this movie. it is rated pg and i gave it a solid b. it was just delightful. >> take your kids. >> yeah. >> take the family. >> next one is grittier. >> i don't know about mud bound. >> it's opened in limited release so it can be worthy of oscar recognition. mud bound is about two men who return home to rural mississippi after world war ii. one is black, one is white and both of them face racism and bigotry and, you know, this is mississippi in the 1940s. you know, a black person couldn't go through the front door of a grocery store. you know, and after winning awards as a soldier and becoming a war hero, that kind of treatment, you go back to the same stuff that you left and this is about the angst, just a really, really heavy movie to dwell upon. hard to watch because of some of the language and some of the actions in it but again, it is based on true events in rural mississippi in 1940. >> and you like that one. >> i did. i gave it an a. it's rated r and you'll probably see blige on the best supporting actor list for the academy awards this year for this performance. she's amazing. >> some big movies at the academy wards sneak in right now, right at the end of the year. >> this is the time to see them and it's also produced by netflix. it may be available by netflix later in the month. finally. it is justice league and here is my -- i gave it a b. i am -- >> that's not bad. >> the thing is when you deal with a comic book movie, you are involved in formula. it has to work a certain way. and i respect that and i understand that. i do not know what the critics are upset about. i found the film to be entertaining. it has some humor in it. of course, it's not the same type of humor you find in a marvel universe but this is d.c. comics so it's darker, heavier. god bless her for standing up for women on some of those issues and ben affleck is back doing a wonderful job but you've also got ezra miller, and the movie moves a little slowly because they're introducing new characters to you and you have to kind of understand the setup for this. so really justice league, even though it's the second in this universe, it does need a little explanation so that the justice league can continue with their sequels so yeah. i liked it. it's rated pg-13. >> no matter what critics say, people will see the movie this weekend. >> so something like this, you that it's hard. i think we go and we give you the right warning to say, look. it has a lot of language, violence, watch this, watch out for that. i want people to see movies and enjoy them. the argument is yeah, tony said this. and i don't agree with that and we can have a nice discussion about that. but again, i like the justice league. >> i think fans will like that you do. i think you're right. they'll head there this weekend. as much as we like tony, we want you to like him, too. all his reviews are on facebook so don't forget to give that a like and check it out. thank you for stopping by. >>

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