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Comedian Killer Beaz talks to Chip

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Comedian Killer Beaz will be at the Comedy Catch this weekend! Video: Comedian Killer Beaz talks to Chip
Comedian Killer Beaz will be at the Comedy Catch this weekend! Thu, 13 Jul 2017 14:01:00 +0000 Comedian Killer Beaz talks to Chip Comedian Killer Beaz will be at the Comedy Catch this weekend! WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN chip chapman >> news reverse guesses until we got to go by here and it's the world famous comedian time swimsuit model killer b's killer is back say like your opening montage here ships happening in the world can a lot still doing crucial to the inundation to my staff on land. 17 days and the bahamas. well you pass back plus a show in san francisco last month and binary right which winamp here. we do a show every year, and chattanooga this week right and as it possibly another parents on discovery channel shine really bad charges between you and i was flipping back and forth a few months ago and the first solo tv was you i will be in it was was a rerun shattered in such an entry and i went to dinner and a apprenticeship right with some of the cast members last year before ever shot the shadow judgment amount cannot stand my voice that i'm not in there with these. i will say he about a lovely house and is michael my lower and i got in so doing things in the studio and i say so now when you put your based you made the botanicals and streams to get in and to much, i got a stop in the main shot is i saw him similarly episode watch them. these guys are just your stereo typical john exactly as her chemistry and that are going to college you get get brought in my twitter feed michelle concert i hit on my twitter feed from mark in the cast members from among shatters and they were sort of in the area. the way home to come and see us. so i stopped in hung out with them hidden. i'll send a disabled your your standard, your child is alien with comedy catch moved from brady road out of the choo- choo koran is assurance time back since then. no, this is okay for them in twice a year and i had done 30 33 years at the brainerd 36 year while doin standup for living. she started was 16 and was better at so so this is about her fourth trip back to the choo-choo and it is code me to say how that area the complex that you complex has a top and it is a place to the date of song bird just argues economies in there, which is to study less, i haven't any advice i is taylor briand was opening day you'll blow you away. your music you play your son plays you will love this mess would everybody test so was reported that the mood pop paper with rocket and we can jump. we actually have the agenda was to be a little bit different from the shows of his opposed the lash at the church my show lot. most of the more enlightened in foreign lands. she about being the lesser antilles asked for the greater to try the tether cam driver to take to the cruise terminal with my he was trying to answer legal we took off my did i just allocated topo i would see him as an hour ventures at front and they were going to touch on my trip to california last one gathered wa cut the bleed you i worked so was co-owner of a medical marijuana facility. ms. lewis in the back. we got to observe it and that was hilarious. oh i'm coming about the column patient makes patient patient is the happiest waiting room in the doctor's office and have faster comedy catch tonight through saturday like your saturday night to friday to saturday show this isn't thumbs-up about though he sought wise in the name of the tour. this time around is though touch anybody know anybody you do not are so yesterday with mario. tori was gutted the thumb coming hard to select, it's all forgotten sites. the spirits remove the speaker out here with you all that we've ever done this and also a lot of thought into it. just give your child ready pressure my three pressure my 32321 marietta or ginger ginger creamy or crunchy crunchy beetles of the stones stones we are the book coke or pepsi coke boxers or briefs box that is a realist era for the legendary three and tragedies again tonight more informational visas going to check out his website b' item ticket as of this week shows

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