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Chuck Koplinski: Darkest Hour

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Chuck reviews new films. Video: Chuck Koplinski: Darkest Hour
Chuck reviews new films. Wed, 20 Dec 2017 22:33:54 +0000 Chuck Koplinski: Darkest Hour Chuck reviews new films. WCIA >>matt: a capti historical and intriguing commentary on area screens this weekend. chuck koplinski has seen them all and he is here to tell us about the darkest hour and downsizing amongst others. - - [indiscernible] >> i wonder if that has an effect on the whole seasonal depression thing. this last month has been rough. i have seen no sunlight. >>matt: luckily, it's the time of your there's not a lot of light. ironically, we would be speaking first about the darkest hour. >> a fascinating film. if you are a history buff, this will be right down your alley. even if you are not, i think you'll find it absolutely compelling. it takes a snapshot of english history. it deals with the first five weeks in which winston churchill became prime minister. it opens the door to all of the various problems he had to know. hitler has started his march across europe. english forces are stuck in dunkirk and this guy walks into the office. not only does he have to deal with those two problems but with the fact that parliament is split. many want to negotiate with hitler, a nonaggression pact because they just got through world war i and i don't want to do with it again. others recognize him for the ministry is and say we have to take an aggressive stance. this is a great film as far as getting you sucked into the timeframe, all of the production value are top-notch. and gary oldman as winston churchill. we aired the interview with him on monday. he will be nominated for an oscar. he will probably win if everything goes as it should. fascinating film and a movie really for our times. it reminded me what true leadership should be. we need examples like that to remind people in chargewhat they should be doing . >>matt: you might see some parallels with what's going on in north korea right now. >> what do we do when we are

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