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A Movie Star Makes A Strong Statement About Monogamy

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Coming off her second divorce Scarlett Johanson says monogamy just isn't meant to be. What do you think? Video: A Movie Star Makes A Strong Statement About Monogamy
Coming off her second divorce Scarlett Johanson says monogamy just isn't meant to be. What do you think? Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:00:56 +0000 A Movie Star Makes A Strong Statement About Monogamy Coming off her second divorce Scarlett Johanson says monogamy just isn't meant to be. What do you think? KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City now on good things utah. >> good morning, everybody. we were joking as we even start. we're talking about clothing. >> talking about cloths. >> you and i both bother a cardigan. >> because have i eaten my way through january and february. >> isn't it the truth. >> pretend it didn't happen. >> and i know it's coming. i know it, i try to be so good. summer going into fall, thanksgiving hits and it's like. >> down hill. >> if you condition loose it, cover it up. >> i covered covered it up withm today. we both did a little shopping. kenned ra, sweet kenned ra is the girl who helped me and it's funny because i don't feel like it's totally my style and it's really fun. it is just a different, i like that she put me in something different that i wouldn't put on. >> kenned ra, good job of getting reagan outside of her comfort zone. >> she put me in a body suit. >> so you are owning it. >> look, i wouldn't necessarily put all these things together and she did a good job. so its' a body suit so it snaps down there. >> i was going to say how much of this are you showing. >> and the fun shoes, fun shoes with it and i know, little pants and cardigan and. >> you look darling. >> so it's kind of fun. and it's really comfortable. >> may question, i haven't tried on a body suit because i have too much body to fit in the suit. is it pulling in certain spots. >> no, it's totally fine. >> no. i mean-- yeah. >> it's really fun. >> i tried one on too and it was just like this is what we are doing now. >> i never had a body suit. >> i was like is this swim swear that i'm putting these pans over and a cardigan. >> at least are you not tucking and retuck, it is in. >> it's all right there. >> yeah, they have really, really cute stuff right now. their shoes are really fun. >> look how fun these are. >> and they are comfy. are you not-- are you not going to be hurting in those shoes today. >> we have such a fun show, nathan is on our show today. and he was sipping something warm because he is singing. this is early to sing when you have to come. >> and he's smiling, dressed beautifulfully and has on great shoes. >> i hope he doesn't have, i have the gunk going around again so i will not be singing. >> i can't handle this. >> no, no. >> i will not be singing on the show. >> i think it's just a little cold. >> this is you got something in your nose and you can't. >> this is how it started last time. this is what you said to us. and then a week later, i had it. you need to call in sick more. >> i'm not sick. i'm in the sick, i have a stuffy nose. >> for now. >> just a day. >> until tomorrow. >> wait, should i call in sick tomorrow? >> god, nice. >> i might be sick tomorrow. okay, i want to bring something up that i wanted to talk to you about. i done know if you saw this article about scarlet johanson, we all know and love her. oh my gosh, she looks bomb there. so she did an interview, in playboy actually, the march and april issue where she talked about monday og me and she said you have to choose a bath. i think the idea of marriage is very romantic. it is a beautiful idea and the practice of it can be a very beautiful thing. i don't think it's natural to be a monogamous person. >> you have to go back and say she just split from her most recent husband that is why they are asking her, what within wrong and what do you think. >> that is what she was talking about. she says that it doesn't feel natural to her. so i wanted to ask you guys, like what, how do you feel about that? because i do think that now adays you are hearing more of those types of conversations. >> i think i read that article. and it said the experts say that we are human, and you are supposed to procreate and you know, make like pop late the worldment you about when you have your family, you think that you should just be with that one person. but i think it's human, it is not completely natural.& you just have to make that commitment to be monogamous. >> for her is this an excuse after ryan reynolds, someone before ryan renolds because she has done this before. >> i can't. >> why are you getting married. >> exactly. why are you getting married, why did he tiger woods get married if he felt the way he felt. >> that could be the expectation in your marriage. >> do you think that he thought he could do it. he thought he could be monogamous and gave it a shot and that is what she was doing too and it didn't work out for the second time. >> what do you think. >> i think it's interesting. i do think marriage is really hard. and i think that there is so many failed marriages and divorces that happen, and then the few that are successful really are beautiful and amazing relationships. but i think this is how i really feel. we're all different. like how can i possibly know what is right for you and your marriage,and who am i to say what is right. this idea that this is the only way that marriage works, that doesn't make sense to me. so i think there is probably a lot of people out there who are having a relationship that isn't monogamous and it's working for them. and to each their own. >> but in a commitment, and she made that commitment to him, that was-- if their commitment was to be monogamous, but for some people that commitment evolves and changes. none of my business. >> right. >> so i see, i do see where she's coming from. and that i do think to imagine being with one person for the rest of your life, is really hard to put my head around. >> why am i still in love with that idea. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> i'm in love with that idea and the idea that that works. >> that's beautiful. >> the concept to me as i have grown, right, we call, we all know what i call myself, a recovering tool, so. >> are you recovering or recovered. >> if you are a recovering-- you always a you-- so the condition september of when i was dating and dating all over the place back in college to now, i kind of feel like i've grown and matured and the idea of splitting my feelings or relationship with more than one person just doesn't make as much sense to me any more. answer though i'm not married, the idea seems like that makes more sense. >> but it is probably where we were when we said i do. when are you there, that is what you hoped would happen. >> right. >> but then we all evolve and change and we grow and you either grow together or apart. >> so this is a good time to talk about this man who evolved and got divorced and he's in boston. and his post on divorce just went viral. shared it with everybody and here's why. he said may friends always give me grief because i give my kids gift totion give my e-wife. and. >> i think that's sweet. >> so he says this, it annoys me that everyone asks me why i do this. i will break it down for you. i'm raising two little men. the example i set, divorced or not, for how i treat their mother will significantly shape how they sea and treat women and affect their perception of relationships. married or not, i want them to see respect in relationships with my ex-wife. so she does the same. he said we agreed to this. we agreed to copatient this way. we think it's so important, it's mother's day, it's father's day, it's christmas. show your kids how to treat your mother or father. >> ryan and i do that. we do the same thing. >> up until this lastier because she is not old enough where she has some money saved and stuff, for christmas and birthdays, brielle would go out and pick something up from ryan and he would do the same for me. but it was a gift that brielle would pick out, but he paid for it, and then. >> i think that's really cute. >> divorce brings out the worst in people. that's what he said it brought out the worst in us and we had to sit down and say how do we make this different for our children. he is said i'm not saying everyone can do it the way i do it, but it is working for us and my kids and he sees the message is respect your parents, regardless of how you feel about each other, how the parents feel about each other. >> so i haven't talked about this on the show before. but its' been a year, i have been divorced a year. and i would say that that is the most challenging part. i think when you decide to get divorced, you truly have to put your children first. and it can be a challenge. i think if you don't work together to make that happen, it just makes it harder for the kids. so i love what he is doing. and i love what she is doing. i love that they are trying to work together. because you still have the kids. you're not married any more but you have these children that you brought in to the world with every expectation of raising them with a mother and father within that dream, right, scarlet johanson dream that this is where i see us and see our family. >> i think, what i think is interesting is we all assume that because are you going through a divorce, divorce has a negative tone to it, you can have a loving divorce. you go through like divorce in a loving and healthy way. >> but you both have to go that. >> you both, it can't be just one of you. >> i think sometimes that takes time. >> you can start out in a loving divorce. oh my gosh, how great. >> i think it's time for a lot of people. >> can i tell you how proud i am of you. >> i know, the most proud. >> i think going through something this tough and doing it in front of everyone on a show every single day is hard. >> yeah. >> and you are brave. >> and it's been a year and you are brave and i am proud of you. >> so proud much you. >> appreciate it it. >> divorce is a hard thing. like just hard. but like you learn and you grow and you evolve and you can be stronger for it. i think that's clear that that has already been going on with you. you have never been more beautiful and more strong ever, ever. >> reagan, i'm holding your hand from over here. >> i know you are, brian. >> everybody out there loving you from wherever they are. aldo might be loving you from the rv show. >> i think he might be. you'll be loving whatever he is showing you because it does kick off this weekend. if you have not made plans for president day aldo has the perfect place for everybody to go. hi, aldo. >> hey, guys. we're actually outside of the southtown expo right now because this show is so big that they couldn't fit all the rv's inside. 200, over 200,000 square feet of rv's, 50,000 square feet of accessories. i will so tell us what are we looking at right now. this is one of the more luxurious rv's we see at the show. >> this is what you call the mobile seat, your toddler line, if are you lacking for something to live in, need the thermal packages, being the cold weather, this is the unit to have, full fiber class cab on the top. hardwood everywhere, hard surface counter top, all the stuff could you want in an rv and then some. >> so this isn't exactly one that you can take out camping, it is more like for. >> this is something you could live in and doing the full time thing or using the extended stay. this is a nice rv to live in an be comfortable. >> thank you so much for speaking about this this morning on gtu. now be sure to come down to the show and check out everything that nielsen rv has. we are showing off at the utah rv show. we're going to be out here all morning for the rest of the morning and you know they have a lot of great rv's and a lot of great outdoor recreational accessories here. so if you are into camping and starting off your camping season now, this is the place to be. so the rv show begins today, at 2:00, goes all the way until sunday. go ahead and send it back to you in the studio. take it away. >> thank you much, looks great. coming up later, almost everyone knows the song amazing grace but you never heard it quite like this. we have a live performance. and have you ever heard about core intima, a new women's procedure, if are you still on the fence today we're taking a closer look.

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