AlertEnterprise Selected by Los Angeles World Airport for New Identity Management and Credentialing System

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IAM–AlertEnterprise Inc., the leading physical-logical security convergence software company, today announced that its Airport Guardian software has been selected by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) as the new Identity Management and Credentialing System (IMCS) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Airport Guardian cyber-physical security software will be deployed to deliver a new level of converged security, identity and access intelligence, and enhanced customer experience across IT, physical and OT systems.

“At LAWA, we work hard to provide a high level of safety, security, and service for our customers, communities, and stakeholders,” said Aura Moore, Deputy Executive Director – CIO of LAX. “We’ve selected AlertEnterprise software as our new Identity Management and Credentialing System for its integrated, configurable, and futureproof design. This new system will enable us to improve security, enhance customer experience, minimize risk, and proactively enforce compliance for many years to come.”

Badge Lifecycle Management with Dedicated External Facing Portal

With Airport Guardian software LAX will be able to streamline and automate their entire badge lifecycle process, from application to badge printing, and access provisioning. By automating core processes with role-based workflow and active policy enforcement, the airport can ensure compliance in real-time, which helps to eliminate costly auditing efforts.

The deployment of Airport Guardian software will include a secure, web-based portal that will enable LAX personnel to manage employees, vendors, and visitors across their enterprise landscape. Applicants and Authorized Signatories will be able to start, save, and submit applications, including requesting access to critical areas that require additional approval.

Schedule Management

With built-in schedule management, Airport Guardian software will help the LAWA Badge Office streamline application processes and enhance customer experience, including reduced wait times, and application status visibility to applicants and authorized signatories.

Aviation Compliance Content Pack for Regulatory Controls

Airport Guardian software includes an aviation specific content pack comprised of Tenant Management, Incident Management, Asset Governance, built-in airport compliance, industry reporting, badge auditing, and process automation best practices. The aviation content pack features DACS, STA, CHRC, Rap Back, and Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations as part of the Airport Guardian software.

Training Management

The Airport Guardian software’s powerful LMS integration feature is designed to assist LAX administration teams in tracking and enforcing mandatory training for personnel including active shooter, Airside Vehicle Operating Permit, and Airport Security Awareness training.

“LAX is one of world’s premier and busiest airports, and we are thrilled that they have selected AlertEnterprise as part of their security modernization and digital transformation,” said Ruby Deol, AlertEnterprise Chief Operating Officer. “Our game-changing approach of converged cyber-physical security is helping to make airports and critical infrastructure around the world more secure while creating a positive workforce and customer experience.”

About AlertEnterprise

AlertEnterprise software provides true prevention of insider threats, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism by overcoming vulnerabilities and blended threats across Information Technology, Operational Technology (OT), Physical Access Systems and Industrial Control Systems. Purpose-built for protecting critical infrastructure in key sectors, such as utilities, oil and gas, airports, federal agencies, financials, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, AlertEnterprise solutions deliver industry-specific situational awareness with continuous monitoring and incident management. To learn more about AlertEnterprise, please visit

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