A10 Networks Delivers Industry-Leading 500 Gbps Thunder DDoS Defense System

Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) Gives Service Providers the
Highest Performance DDoS Defense in Compact, Reliable Form Factor

(NYSE: ATEN), today announced a new capacity enhancement to
its Thunder® 14045 TPS, which delivers industry-leading
attack traffic mitigation capabilities. This capacity gain provides the
highest performance available in the market with 500 Gbps of defense in
one appliance. The smaller form factor reduces the number of devices
required, while building scalable DDoS defenses that meet the challenge
of emerging attacks. As service providers look to expand their service
offerings, the Thunder TPS solution enables them to build profitable
DDoS mitigation services that protect their own networks, as well as
their subscribers.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are only going to increase
over time and attackers have an ever-expanding opportunity to use new
device types, particularly connected-home devices like home hubs,
routers and IP cameras to mount even larger attacks. In fact, the most
recent A10 Networks’ DDoS
Weapons Intelligence report
describes the significant potential for
attackers to use an IoT-related protocol, the Constrained Application
Protocol (CoAP), deployed on IoT devices to marshal attacks.

With their expansive attack surface and absolute need for 24×7 uptime,
global communications providers, cloud and online gaming service
providers require the highest levels of protection from DDoS attacks.
Service providers can rely on A10 Networks for expanded L3-7 DDoS
protection, high scalability and advanced automated defenses that
intelligently leverage machine learning.

The proliferation of connected devices, and the increases in bandwidth
and new application services enabled by advanced 5G networks mean that
the size and intensity of DDoS attacks will increase exponentially.
Customers require a modern approach to automated defenses with new
technologies like machine learning and advanced threat intelligence to
mitigate these attacks. The performance and automation available with
Thunder TPS will help service providers deliver effective protection to
their subscribers in this new and evolving attack landscape,” said Ahmed
Abdelhalim, director of product management, A10 Networks.

With 500 Gbps mitigation capacity per Thunder TPS device, A10 Networks
continues to drive innovation in the fast-growing DDoS market, leaving
legacy suppliers behind. Thunder TPS solution is core to A10 Networks’
DDoS defense strategy delivering:

  • One-DDoS Protection – The industry’s only connected
    intelligence system that provides full-spectrum multi-vector DDoS
    defense with distributed detection and machine learning capabilities
    within targeted infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADCCGN,
    and CFW.
  • Predictive, Automated Cyber Defense – Intelligent
    Automation, granular protection capabilities and zero-touch operation
    accelerate responses to ensure optimal, efficient protection.
  • Actionable DDoS Weapons Intelligence – Incorporates
    global intelligence from A10 Networks DDoS weapons research for
    improved security posture and real-time insights into emerging threats.
  • Industry-leading Performance – The highest performance
    in a small form factor enables fast detection and mitigation while
    lowering costs, reducing complexity, and increasing reliability in the

The Thunder TPS 500 Gbps capacity will be available in the second
quarter 2019.

About A10 Networks

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) provides Reliable Security Always™, with a
range of high-performance application networking solutions that help
organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks
remain highly available, accelerated and secure. Founded in 2004, A10
Networks is based in San Jose, Calif., and serves customers globally
with offices worldwide. For more information, visit: www.a10networks.com and @A10Networks.

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