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Video:  Price Showdown at SGF Movie Theaters

Price Showdown at SGF Movie Theaters

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Movie goers are giving great reviews about the latest buzz at local box offices, but it has little to do with what's playing and more about what they're paying. Read More >>

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Video:  Texas Tech Works on Agreement with Uber

Texas Tech Works on Agreement with Uber

Texas Tech may be one of the first universities in the country to form a business agreement with Texas Tech, in part to keep students from drinking and driving. KAMC's Alyssa Goard reports.

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Video:  VIDEO: Facebook newsfeed changes

VIDEO: Facebook newsfeed changes

FO23 Michelle Linn explains how to make FOX23 a favorite on Facebook.

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Video:  Movie theater website, app draw more people to cinemas

Movie theater website, app draw more people to cinemas

A company aiming to get more people to go to movie theater is offering deals on movies - up to 60 percent off the ticket price.

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Video:  Capabunga Bottle Caps

Capabunga Bottle Caps

Capabunga silicone caps cover any type of bottles with an air tight seal!

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iOgrapher QuickFix for iPad Air2
If you're upgrading your iPad Air to the iPad Air 2, one of the things you may not hRead More
Fun now. Don`t have to wait for CES to end
Just for Fun Silly stuff at CES 2015 You know that there are bunch of products at CES 2015 that may not make it out in the real world, but are reaRead More
CES 2015: New Laptop
Laptops aren't really new, but Velocity Micro is introducing a series of laptops that are new u   Velocity Micro«, the premier builder of aRead More
CES 2015: Speaker VAMP
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Connect to any old speaker[/caption] This is really quite cool. áInstead of offering a simple new Read More
CES 2015: Wet Speakers
This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect foRead More

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